I co-sleep and breastfeed my son at night and it is awesome!

I enjoy co-sleeping and so does my son. My boyfriend would prefer that our son sleep elsewhere, but I say that it shouldn’t really matter since I am the one with the least bed space. For those of you who are wondering about privacy, well, we have lots of privacy, just not in our bed. And I don’t think we need to have privacy in there anyways because Josh and I  are the ones who bond together in the bedroom. I enjoy reading books to him in bed at night. I pull out his favorite Sesame Street books and read all sorts of books that teach him about numbers, colors and names of animals. I massage his feet and tickle him before he goes to bed. I tell him I love him and he opens his mouth to be breastfed when he is ready to fall asleep. Our attachment is deep, and it feels good to know that his last thoughts at night are probably filled with mommy and Josh being together and having a great night sharing cuddles, kisses and books.

 WHAT ABOUT DADDY?  I don’t like the TV on in the bedroom, because I can’t sleep with the noise on. And my boyfriend needs the TV to put him to sleep so he watches in the living room on the couch and ends up falling asleep. He then  wakes up early in the morning and goes to bed. For those of you who are wondering,  ” What about having sex?”  Well, we don’t have sex in the bed!” That is right, there are other areas to have sex: The living room, the kitchen, the hallway…you name it. Sometimes with him and sometimes by myself! Oh, yeah, I have experience doing both. What can I say, “I am a winner everytime!”


About lisaandshasta123

I work with kids who have behavioral problems. I have an adorable two-year-old son. I would love to stay at home with him full time, but mommy needs to work for food, shelter, clothing and material goods.
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